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ice hockey

I have a passion for this sport without being a fan of any particular team.

skating and rules test

We had the skating and rules test this morning. As the skating test always involves the same exercises and you can check the time measured immediately, I know that i did well enough.

But it will take a moment until i will receive the result of the rules test. But I do have a very good feeling.

[update] by now I got the results. besides the 26:15 for the 5 Km fitness test I mentioned before, it took me 122.12 seconds for the skating test (previous year 124.15) and I managed to get 48 out of 50 questions right in the rules test.

5000 m

"The same procedure as last year, Miss Sophie?"
"The same procedure as every year, James!"

On Saturday, September 1st it was time to do the yearly Referee training course in Frauenfeld.
Like every year, this included the 5 Km fitness test. And as every year, I struggled reaching the goal I set to myself.

Last year it has taken me 26 Minutes and 21 Seconds to finish, and I surely did not want to be slower than this.
But whenever I went jogging in July and August, I barely made it under 29 Minutes :(

It's that time of the year again....

Hope I can keep this pace...

*pant, pant*

Ref Course / 5 km fitness test

saturday and sunday i spent in frauenfeld. it was time for the annual ref course.

of the three tests (fitness, skating, rules) we did the fitness test on saturday morning.

judging by my past performances, i did quite well this year:

ice ice baby

yesterday, i refed my first ice hockey game since march. it was "just" a friendly game of the "mini a" category (age of the players between 12 and 14 years or something), but it felt good to be on ice again :)

actually, it was a bit late for my standards: the last two years i had my "first contact" after the summer break at the beginning of july.

ouch! (part II)

i went to the pharmacy on tuesday.

to render my previous entry more precisely: i can walk without problem, but e.g. getting into the car and walking up or down stairs causes pain (==everything that requires the knee to be bent more than just slightly).

after telling my woes to the friendly and competent pharmacy lady and my confession that i didn't really do any sports between the hockey seasons, she came to the conclusion that i most probably managed to get a case of a (slightly) pulled ligament in april.


i went jogging every day since the beginning of july to prepare for the fit-check at the end of august for my ref license. all went well (except having some heavy legs in the beginning...).

but then i took the bicycle for a short trip to the center of the town last monday; cruising at a speed one hardly would even call 'cycling'.

since then my left knee hurtsLTNT.

30 minutes

i'm still way over my goal of running 5 km in 27 minutes (or less...). yesterday it took me over 29 minutes.
but i still have one month to go before all gets serious.

to quote the character of dr. ian malcolm from the movie jurassic park: "must go faster, must go faster!!!!"



but i have to, as i feel a bit out of shape. and at the end of august i'll have to renew my ref license.

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