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When i get bored i play around with IT stuff...

Happy 10th Anniversary!

I was on the way to a ref meeting a few weeks ago and was fumbling on my in-car MP3 player when I suddenly realised that i own and operate this piece of hardware since 10 years!

Happy anniversary, dear DMP3A :-)

the letters DMP3 may be not as easily readable as they used to be, the case may have some scratches, bumps and bruises... but this little device is still offering reliable services after 10 years :)


A few months ago i got my hand on a cheap touch screen monitor made by a chinese vendor named lilliput on ebay which connects to the VGA and a USB port:

Coming up with a project

when i bought it i did not really had any project in mind, but shortely thereafter i realised a particular lack of technology in my kitchen.

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