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Personal stuff

Czech-ing in?

After the game against Canada, I was worried a bit: Did the Swiss national team use up all energy against Sweden and Canada already or will they be able to continue like this and maybe get out some important points form the game against the Czech Republic?

A few hours ago I got the answer: They were and it does not look like as if they can't keep up that pace.

Switzerland opened the game by scoring 2 minutes before the end of the first period and raised the score to 2:0 in the middle of the second.

annoying the canadians

The second game and the second big team: Canada tried (one more time...) to make up (again...) for that disaster at the Olympic games in 2006 in Torino.

But the first Goal belonged to the Swiss when Trachsel, Walker and Hollenstein with a few precise and quick passes broke through the Canadian defence and scored in the 7th minute.

It took Canada 20 minutes to even the Score in the middle of the 2nd period. Now the Game was on. Both teams managed to more or less neutralise each other for yet another 20 minutes until (more or less out of the blue) Canada scored again.

Could it be...?

- "Sweden 2, Switzerland 3."
- "Come again?"
- "Sweden 2, Switzerland 3."
- "I'm sorry, could you repeat one more time?"
- "Sweden 2, Switzerland 3."
- "I beg your pardon, but it sounds like you are telling me that Switzerland beat Sweden"

What a game! Contrary to what I expected the Swiss Team did not just play defensive. They actually tried to "make" the Game and kept fighting for every puck.
Sweden did have more Chances and the Swiss were saved by the Goalpost or the bar two times in the first Period. But also Switzerland managed to hit the Goalpost one time in the same period.

An Ice Hockey festival

Around Christmas 2012 I decided that this time I would follow the IIHF World Championship not just on TV as I usually do, but visit Stockholm and attend the Games on location instead. Natsu would accompany me (maybe more because of Stockholm and less because of the Games, but then again: she genuinely is interested in Ice Hockey following the Swiss National Championships)

After a quick survey I booked the flights and Hotel and went on to study the Game Schedule.

rest in peace

Chuck III
2009 - 2012

Unexptected Encounter

In the last post I wrote that I "did not really know anyone" on my "discharge-day", but that is not entirely true.
There was one nice surprise:

I met a guy I haven't seen in 11 years. We went to professional school together form 1996 to 2000. Back then he was listening to that strange electronic music (aka Techno or whatever the different flavours are called) went to those eeeeevil Techno Parties and came in contact with god knows what kind of substances.

Back then many of us did not dare to think how he might end or if he ever would manage to make a turnaround.

Honourable Discharge Part II

woah, I just realised that I never wrote a follow up to that 'announcement' of December 5th.

Let's say it was pleasant to get rid of all that green garbage. In contrast to other Cantons they did not try to make a ceremony out of it here.
There was no official 'You are now honourably discharged'-moment or something. No politician held a speech that just would have prolonged everything (Both, speaker and listeners would have known that neither one cared about that speech anyway)

YAY!!!! hounorable discharge!

tomorrow i'll be discharged from the swiss army.

a date i'm longing for since i got conscripted in 1999 (and most certainly since i entered boot camp on february 5 2001 at 14:00 CET).

i fulfilled my duty in december 2010... sitting out my last four days (god was it cold!). but since i reached my last days in the green outfit at the end of the year, i was not discharged in 2010 anymore.

so i still had to keep all the junk (gun, clothes, other useless-and-heavy-things) at home for yet another year.

but tomorrow i will be able to return all that garbage - finally! :-)

2.455 GHz

ever had the feeling that you crossed a line? that you have reached a point from where you probably never can go back anymore?
not "it's the end of the world as we know it"-dimensions but a "point of no return" nonetheless.

i had this feeling yesterday.

you probably ask yourself now what terrible thing might have happened; what border i might have reached and crossed.
so i tell you right away:

after 8 years of living on my own, i bought a microwave oven .

class reunion

a couple of weeks ago we had a class reunion (from 6th to 9th grade).

it was fun to see and talk to those people (haven't seen most of them in years); remembering all the fun we had and the stuff we did (or officially _did not_ do :-) ).

one of it was a pupil's magazine... i _knew_ i still had a copy of that thing somewhere... and yep, i managed to find it.

to make sure future generations will be able to get their hands on an important document like this, i scanned it and attached it to this post.

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