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class reunion

a couple of weeks ago we had a class reunion (from 6th to 9th grade).

it was fun to see and talk to those people (haven't seen most of them in years); remembering all the fun we had and the stuff we did (or officially _did not_ do :-) ).

one of it was a pupil's magazine... i _knew_ i still had a copy of that thing somewhere... and yep, i managed to find it.

to make sure future generations will be able to get their hands on an important document like this, i scanned it and attached it to this post.



but i have to, as i feel a bit out of shape. and at the end of august i'll have to renew my ref license.

a well-crafted album

it does not happen to me very often that i finish listening to a (new) music album and i have the feeling that this piece is simply.... perfect:
the songs are great, the feeling they leave behind is just right; even the order of the songs seems to follow some golden ratio.

"neo now" of the german hip hop band "fünf sterne deluxe" is one of the few albums which trigger this feeling in me.

it was released in september 2000, but i haven't bought it until may 2001 - the month where i made it through the final days of my 15 weeks of basic training in the swiss army.

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