Czech-ing in?

After the game against Canada, I was worried a bit: Did the Swiss national team use up all energy against Sweden and Canada already or will they be able to continue like this and maybe get out some important points form the game against the Czech Republic?

A few hours ago I got the answer: They were and it does not look like as if they can't keep up that pace.

Switzerland opened the game by scoring 2 minutes before the end of the first period and raised the score to 2:0 in the middle of the second.
But this certainly woke up the Czechs. They tried hard to turn around the game and used a penalty against Switzerland to score their first Goal 13 Minutes into the 2nd Period and in the last Minute of the second period they equalled the Score to 2:2. a lack of concentration in the Swiss defence at this point certainly helped the Czech to score two times.

In the past, being in the lead against one of the "bigger" ice hockey nations and then having the score equalised more often than not did cause the Swiss team to break down and fall apart.
Hoping this time it will be different, I was looking forward for an exciting 3rd period together with 3500 cheering and joyful fans.

The Swiss team came back from the break and made it clear: "We will NOT break down". They did everything to -control- the game instead of reacting to it out of a good defensive. Hunting down and fighting for every puck in the offensive zone showed that they WANT to win this game.
Six minutes into the third period their effort was rewarded by another goal setting the score to 3:2. But Switzerland did not leave it at that and continued to play their game forcing yet another goal six minutes before the end.

A score of 4:2 six minutes before the end almost makes you see the 3 points... But thinking back to the game against Sweden makes us realise that six minutes are more than enough to score two times.
The Czechs did everything to achieve this but failing to do so, they replaced their Goaltender with a 6th field player giving the Swiss the chance to score an empty-netter.

40 Seconds before the end of the goal, Reto Suri managed to score into the empty goal settling the Score of this intense and entertaining game to 5:2.

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