annoying the canadians

The second game and the second big team: Canada tried (one more time...) to make up (again...) for that disaster at the Olympic games in 2006 in Torino.

But the first Goal belonged to the Swiss when Trachsel, Walker and Hollenstein with a few precise and quick passes broke through the Canadian defence and scored in the 7th minute.

It took Canada 20 minutes to even the Score in the middle of the 2nd period. Now the Game was on. Both teams managed to more or less neutralise each other for yet another 20 minutes until (more or less out of the blue) Canada scored again.

But Switzerland did not give up and continued to play their game evening the Score with 6 minutes to play in the last period.

No other Goal was scored during those 6 minutes as well as during the overtime leading to game winning shots.
The 6000 spectators got to see 16(!) game winning shots until it was finally clear: Switzerland beat Canada with 3:2.

Oh boy, 5 points on 'our' account. I just hope they can keep up this pace especially once the big teams (the Czech will follow tomorrow) are over and the -really- important points must be gained from Teams like Denmark, Norway, Slovenia and Belarus.

But for tonight, I'm just happy and will celebrate with other fans by having a few "öl" :-)
Btw: I can't stress it enough how peaceful and friendly the atmosphere is up here in the north. You celebrate, drink and talk with people dressed in the gear of their home country and just have a good time. No aggressions, no bullying... Everyone just enjoys this great ice hockey "party".

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