Could it be...?

- "Sweden 2, Switzerland 3."
- "Come again?"
- "Sweden 2, Switzerland 3."
- "I'm sorry, could you repeat one more time?"
- "Sweden 2, Switzerland 3."
- "I beg your pardon, but it sounds like you are telling me that Switzerland beat Sweden"

What a game! Contrary to what I expected the Swiss Team did not just play defensive. They actually tried to "make" the Game and kept fighting for every puck.
Sweden did have more Chances and the Swiss were saved by the Goalpost or the bar two times in the first Period. But also Switzerland managed to hit the Goalpost one time in the same period.
Both Teams had their chances but at the arrival of the first break, the score has not changed from 0:0 yet.

For Switzerland this must have been some reassurance: Not only did they kept the Swedes from scoring, they were playing on equal terms! And this spirit they took into the second period.
They played fast and intelligent and managed to score after 5 minutes in the second period.
The whole stadium was shaking due to the cheering of the Swiss fans, even tough the majority of the spectators were of course Swedish.

"It's just one goal, don't get cocky yet", I was thinking. But the Swiss player stayed focused and continued to do their game. And what do you know, 7 Minutes later they scored again.
But as they say: The most dangerous situation in Ice Hockey is an 2 goal lead.
The Swedish now really came forward and Switzerland made it easy for them by taking two penalties near the end of the 2nd period resulting in a 5 on 3 majority. The Swedes did not dither for long and scored their first goal. The Swiss however managed to hold the 1 goal lead until the end of the period.

Of course the Swedes would do -anything- to score at least one more time in the 3rd period (13 (SWE) to 6 (SUI) shots) and were quite dominating now. But a good Swiss defence kept them from equalising the score.
Being that forward oriented and aggressive gives room for counter attacks but the Swiss were not able to use them.

1 Minute and 30 Seconds before the end Sweden replaced their Goalkeeper with a 6th field player during a penalty against Switzerland resulting in 6 on 4. But by losing the puck to a Swiss player followed by a long distance shot across the whole field resulted in an empty netter and a new score of 1:3 with 33 seconds to go.
Being in the lead with 2 Goals half a minute before the end - a comfortable situation, right? Right? Not against Sweden.
By "simply" not accepting this they won the face off in the middle, went straight into the Swiss defence Zone and with a hard shot set the record straight(er): 2:3. It took them about just about 10 seconds to do that!

With a demonstration of skills and willpower, the last 22 seconds where pure horror for any Swiss fan as the Swedish Team tried everything to equal the score in the remaining time, having good chances to actually achieve that.

That certainly was a good start into this years World Championship, but the next "mission: slightly less impossible" is waiting for the team on Sunday: Canada.
In recent years, Canada became less of a bogey team. The Canadian way of playing seems to suit the Swiss team and they are able to at least "annoy" them, even scoring a Victory at the Olympics in 2006.
So by taking recent encounters with the Swiss and certainly tonight's game into account, Canada most certainly will be prepared and treat Switzerland as a serious opponent.

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