a well-crafted album

it does not happen to me very often that i finish listening to a (new) music album and i have the feeling that this piece is simply.... perfect:
the songs are great, the feeling they leave behind is just right; even the order of the songs seems to follow some golden ratio.

"neo now" of the german hip hop band "fünf sterne deluxe" is one of the few albums which trigger this feeling in me.

it was released in september 2000, but i haven't bought it until may 2001 - the month where i made it through the final days of my 15 weeks of basic training in the swiss army.

now that i mention the army stuff... maybe the positive feeling "neo now" triggers is simply due to the fact that i listened to it the first time when i was about to get back my freedom. so maybe my brain's reward centre just plays tricks on me.

during basic training my roommates and i listened to two "special" songs regularly and exclusively on saturday mornings before going home for the (short) weekend:
red hot chili pepper's "californication" as well as the fugees cover of "no woman, no cry".
even to this day, ten years after my basic training took place, listening to these songs still causes me to feel happy (yes, one is easily satisfied during basic training :) ).

but these are individual songs, not complete albums. so i think "neo now" really is great and it's not a "post-bootcamp inducted" feeling.

or is it? damn, i'm mildly confused now.

samples of all tracks of "neo now": http://www.cede.ch/de/music-cd/frames/right.cfm?aobj=233050

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