An Ice Hockey festival

Around Christmas 2012 I decided that this time I would follow the IIHF World Championship not just on TV as I usually do, but visit Stockholm and attend the Games on location instead. Natsu would accompany me (maybe more because of Stockholm and less because of the Games, but then again: she genuinely is interested in Ice Hockey following the Swiss National Championships)

After a quick survey I booked the flights and Hotel and went on to study the Game Schedule.
Usually every Team gets a Day off after a Game. As we were only interested in Games with Swiss participation, this left us with enough time to explore Stockholm.

Originally we planned to go two full weeks, but my employer did not agree with that and allowed me to take of 7 days only but, hey, better than nothing.

And yesterday evening we left. Originally i booked a flight leaving at 6:30 or so, but due to some rescheduling/overbooking/whatever we ended up on code-share flight operated by different Airline (SAS instead of Swiss) leaving Zurich at 20:35.

The Flight itself was smooth and the only thing that certainly would have deserved complaining was the AWFULL coffee served during the flight.
Well, I don't drink Coffee, but Natsu does and nearly chocked to death when taking a sip (actually, the smell already was a dead give away...).

We arrived in Stockholm Arlanda at about 23:00 and thanks to the Schengen Treaty got out of the Airport in no time.
An Airport Express Train was waiting "for us" already and since I booked the Tickets in advance online we could immediately jump in and enjoy the quick Ride to Stockholm Central Railway Station.
From there it was just a quick ride with the Underground and thanks to Google offline Maps the "5 Minutes walk" from the Underground Station to the Hotel was indeed just about 5 Minutes (ok, a bit more as we had to drag our Luggage).

Checking in was no prob and a few minutes later we arrived in our Room.
We will now go to sleep as we are tired from travelling and we plan to not get up too late tomorrow.

Tomorrow (rather today, as it is passed midnight already) will be the first game for Switzerland at the "Globen", wehere all games of the Stockholm Group as well as Semi Finals and Finals will be held.

And it is not going to be an easy first game: Switzerland has to face favourite and host team Sweden in it's first game.

Of course you should play intending to win (and actually believing you could win).
Switzerland managed to beat Sweden before and maybe with some luck would win again today, but the Swedish team surely will make sure to get out of the game as a winner considering they will be playing in front of a sold out house (The Globe has a capacity of almost 14000 people).

I guess the Swiss team tries to play rather defensive and keep Energy for the following Games (first Canada then the Czech - for sure no easy victories as well).

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