5000 m

"The same procedure as last year, Miss Sophie?"
"The same procedure as every year, James!"

On Saturday, September 1st it was time to do the yearly Referee training course in Frauenfeld.
Like every year, this included the 5 Km fitness test. And as every year, I struggled reaching the goal I set to myself.

Last year it has taken me 26 Minutes and 21 Seconds to finish, and I surely did not want to be slower than this.
But whenever I went jogging in July and August, I barely made it under 29 Minutes :(

So I had some feelings of unease that Saturday morning when walking towards the starting line.
The pouring rain which soaked me to the skin in minutes (if not seconds) surely did not help much.
But never underestimate the effect of your fellow Refs who run with you.
As I said when running alone I always have troubles to keep the pace, but in that group of 20 Refs, you certainly can push each other.
It also helps when you get overtaken by a Ref which is considerably older than you... Something you don't like, so you automatically try to keep up with him :-)

Well in the end I managed to achieve my primary objective and was not slower than last year.
But I failed to reach my secondary goal: less than 26 minutes.

It took me 26 Minutes and 15 Seconds to finish this year.

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