Unexptected Encounter

In the last post I wrote that I "did not really know anyone" on my "discharge-day", but that is not entirely true.
There was one nice surprise:

I met a guy I haven't seen in 11 years. We went to professional school together form 1996 to 2000. Back then he was listening to that strange electronic music (aka Techno or whatever the different flavours are called) went to those eeeeevil Techno Parties and came in contact with god knows what kind of substances.

Back then many of us did not dare to think how he might end or if he ever would manage to make a turnaround.
Luckily he did. He still works in IT, is married and has children.

Of course we talked about our classmates and stuff (a welcome change of topic to the everlasting 'army this, army that' talk on that day). We exchanged email addresses and felt like we should try to bring our classmates back together for a meeting.

But after ten years many things have changed (from simple things like addresses to questions relating being alive (Glur, anyone?)). So we first have to find those people again. Thanks to Facebook 'n stuff this has become a bit easier.

Sadly, I haven't kept my promise to send him the email, yet. But I didn't forget about it and hope I can come up with some Info this Weekend.

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