Honourable Discharge Part II

woah, I just realised that I never wrote a follow up to that 'announcement' of December 5th.

Let's say it was pleasant to get rid of all that green garbage. In contrast to other Cantons they did not try to make a ceremony out of it here.
There was no official 'You are now honourably discharged'-moment or something. No politician held a speech that just would have prolonged everything (Both, speaker and listeners would have known that neither one cared about that speech anyway)

I arrived at 14:00 and 15 minutes later, I was finished returning all items I had to (and all other items as well.. :-) ).

They did not really control anything with the exception of the rifle of course.

At the end of that 'disassembly line' the only thing waited for me to get over with you could call 'ceremonial':
the 'Kreiskommandant' (areal(???) commander) shook hands with everyone who just had finished returning his goods.
Allong with that handshake every one received a swiss army knife (what else :) ) and a coupon for 'a snack and one drink' in a nearby restaurant.

then the fun started.

first of all.. that 'snack' turned out to be a full size lunch. and second (and more important): that 'one drink per person' policy was valid only for wine - with beer, there seemed to be no limit (guess what we kept ordering...).

I did not really knew anyone... But if there is one thing one learns over the years in the Army, then it's how to drink and talk with people you don't know.
And as everyone in that room spent 10+ years in the Swiss Army, everyone had a common topic to talk about :)

so more often than not you heard sentences like "once, we had this commander who...." answered by "yeah, I can relate. happened to us too", etc.

So we spent the whole afternoon drinking. The waitresses kept supplying us with fresh beer so we did not see any reason to leave this place :-)
Just at about 18:30, when delivering the nth-round of beer, one waitress told us that form now on, she will have to start charging us for the beer (still: 4 hours and 15 minutes of a constant flow of free beer was _nice_).

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