YAY!!!! hounorable discharge!

tomorrow i'll be discharged from the swiss army.

a date i'm longing for since i got conscripted in 1999 (and most certainly since i entered boot camp on february 5 2001 at 14:00 CET).

i fulfilled my duty in december 2010... sitting out my last four days (god was it cold!). but since i reached my last days in the green outfit at the end of the year, i was not discharged in 2010 anymore.

so i still had to keep all the junk (gun, clothes, other useless-and-heavy-things) at home for yet another year.

but tomorrow i will be able to return all that garbage - finally! :-)

the kanton of zug provides an "Apéro" for all "retired" soldiers,
so one thing is for sure: i'll take the bus there and will get compensation for all those wasted days in terms of drinks *g*

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