2.455 GHz

ever had the feeling that you crossed a line? that you have reached a point from where you probably never can go back anymore?
not "it's the end of the world as we know it"-dimensions but a "point of no return" nonetheless.

i had this feeling yesterday.

you probably ask yourself now what terrible thing might have happened; what border i might have reached and crossed.
so i tell you right away:

after 8 years of living on my own, i bought a microwave oven .

all these years i never felt the necessity to buy one. i always cook fresh stuff in an amount resulting in no leftover (except when natsu cooks *g*)
never was there a moment when i was at home thinking "oh, right now it would be beneficial to have a microwave oven".

every time i went shopping and saw some special offers, the same thought popped to my head: "you do not _need_ it. you never missed it."

but yesterday, a sunny tuesday evening, it happened: i went to a building centre to get a funnel for making less of a mess when refilling the engine oil of my car.
and there i saw it: a microwave oven for CHF 120.

yep, i bought it.

i guess i fell victim to the "ikea effect" (you'll enter the shop to buy X. in the end you buy Y and Z. And A and B and all other letters of the alphabet.
maybe you bought X as well, but that is not always the case).

the problem is once you got devices like this, you can't be without them anymore.
for the rest of my life i will be obliged do buy microwave oven after microwave oven....

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