ouch! (part II)

i went to the pharmacy on tuesday.

to render my previous entry more precisely: i can walk without problem, but e.g. getting into the car and walking up or down stairs causes pain (==everything that requires the knee to be bent more than just slightly).

after telling my woes to the friendly and competent pharmacy lady and my confession that i didn't really do any sports between the hockey seasons, she came to the conclusion that i most probably managed to get a case of a (slightly) pulled ligament in april.

what i still do not get was why it 'waited' one month (daily jogging) until it get back after 1 time of (slow!) cycling.
and yet they say how good cycling is supposed to be for your joints :-)

anyway, i'm back to perskindol and the pharmacy-lady managed to sell me one of those 'knee braces' i should wear when starting to do training again.

the pain is almost gone now (after 2.5 days) and i hope i can start jogging again soon - i'm behind my training pensum and still work on those 28 min (or less :) ).

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