i went jogging every day since the beginning of july to prepare for the fit-check at the end of august for my ref license. all went well (except having some heavy legs in the beginning...).

but then i took the bicycle for a short trip to the center of the town last monday; cruising at a speed one hardly would even call 'cycling'.

since then my left knee hurtsLTNT.

at the end of the last ice hockey season i had the same problem. but since it was a long season with a lot of games (50+ some, and the last few games were quite demanding), i figured i just overdid it a bit and should let it rest.
sure enough using perskindol(r) and patience all was well a couple days/weeks later.

what worries me now is that it's the -same- knee hurting again - and this time i certainly did not strain myself.

yeah, i know there is a 50% chance to have pain in the same knee again, but maybe a few months ago i had more than just some tired muscles.

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